T25 Genuine Arrow Staples – Steel

The T25 Genuine Arrow Staples are round crown staples made from heavy-duty steel to ensure your stapling of computer, phone, and TV wires will be secure and last in their place for a long time. Available in 10mm (3/8"), 11mm (7/16") and 14mm (9/16") sizes with a round crown width of 8mm so you can staple wiring without harming or flattening the wire. These T25 staples feature extreme versatility as they can fit many different Arrow products in addition to various other wire and cable tacker models. They can be used to pin down communications cables, CAT5 and CAT6, RG6 and RG9, COAX, and phone cables, plus wiring for alarm systems and electronics. Also available in monel material for marine applications. Compatible with the Arrow T25 Wire and Cable Staple Gun, the Arrow T2025 Dual Purpose Stapler and Wire Tacker and other brands.
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  • Genuine Arrow T25 round crown staples.
  • Quality steel material for long-lasting durability.
  • Available in 10mm, 11mm and 14mm leg lengths.
  • Round 8mm crown.
  • Compatible with the T25 Wire and Cable Staple Gun, T2025 Dual Purpose Staple Gun, and other brands.