P22 Plier Staple Gun

  • Hand-held plier-type stapler with heavy-duty durability.
  • Long 63mm throat depth reach.
  • All-steel construction with durable chrome finish.
  • Ideal for constant day-to-day use in retail and mail room environments.
  • Takes two sizes of genuine Arrow P22 staples.
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The Arrow P22 Plier Staple Gun is a heavy-duty, plier-type stapler with many different uses and a long-lasting design. Featuring a comfortable grip and a jam-proof mechanism for easy use, it also includes a long-lasting chrome finish coating and tireless cam-leverage action for high-volume jobs. The P22 includes all-steel construction for long-lasting durability, this stapler with its heavy-duty design is sure to last you through constant day-to-day use and your toughest projects.

The P22 Plier Staple Gun staple gun performs well in hard-to-reach places. With its long-reach, 63mm throat depth, it is perfect for stapling in any position or angle. Being very easy to load and use, its versatility and dependability means it is widely used at places like retail stores’ check-out counters and mailing rooms, sealing and stapling boxes, bags and tags. It can also be used for small-scale projects like office work, upholstery, floral arrangements, crafting, packing and shipping, or general repairs.

In professional environments or at home, the Arrow P22 Plier Staple Gun has many functions and will consistently provide accurate stapling. Its removable magazine helps you to quickly change the staples, available in 6mm and 8mm leg lengths.

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